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Family Owned and Operated Over 325 Years

Founded in Tokyo in 1690, Yamamotoyama is a family-owned company specializing in green tea and nori seaweed.  Today, the Yamamoto family still serves the finest teas and nori from the same spot as the original store, and all over the world. 

Before 1738, only the wealthy had access to green tea. Everyone else brewed leaves in boiling water, resulting in a brown liquid with a slightly bitter taste. Kahei Yamamoto II wanted to make green tea accessible to everyone, and he learned that steaming tea leaves resulted in a delicious tea with a fresh yellow-green color, balanced sweetness, and a mild astringency that retains its vitamins and nutrients. This tea became an instant sensation, and made Yamamotoyama a household name... Continue Reading


Good Nori, Bad Nori, & How to Tell the Difference

February 10, 2016

  How picky are you when it comes to buying nori? Many think that all seaweeds are created equal. For recipes like sushi, chefs often spend much more time focusing on fish and other filling ingredients than they do on the nori itself. But like rice, nori is a foundational ingredient. As with temaki, nori is the first ingredient to touch a taster's tongue--in its own subtle way, it sets the stage for an exceptional tasting experience. Not all seaweed is created equal. The best sushi chefs in the world know of nori's understated yet key role in creating a superior piece of sushi. In fact, in an exceptional piece of sushi, the nori is sometimes even more expensive than the fish itself! Connoisseurs of nori know that it... Continue Reading →