Floral Shaped Sushi


- 1 sheet Paprika Orange Soy Wrapper
- 2 cups Sushi Rice
- 2 slices Avocado
- 1 Boiled Fresh Asparagus

To Build 


  1. Cut Paprika Orange Soy Wrapper 2/3 lengthwise to form an approx. 7 inch by 5 1/4 inch rectangle.
  2. Place the wrapper over the Bamboo Sushi Mat with the shiny side down. Spread about 1 cup of Sushi Rice over the wrapper and leave 1 inch space at the edge of the wrapper.
  3. Place boiled fresh asparagus on top of the Sushi Rice.
  4. Place your thumbs on the back of mat and begin rolling away from you. Try to make a teardrop shape.
  5. Roll Sushi until the edge of the Wrapper is placed under the Sushi. Create the desired shape by pressing lightly with both hands.
  6. Remove the Bamboo Sushi Mat and slice Sushi Roll into six pieces.