How To Make Sushi Rolls


- 2 cups Sushi Rice
- 1 sheet Nori
- Your Favorite Fillings

To Build 


  1. Place a sheet of Sushi Nori over a Bamboo Sushi Mat with the shiny side facing down. Spread about 2 cups of Sushi Rice evenly over the Nori and leave a 1 inch space at the edge of the Nori.
  2. Place your favorite fillings across the center of the Sushi Rice.
  3. Place your thumbs on the back of the mat and begin rolling away from you. Be sure to support the ingredients with your other fingers.
  4. Roll the Sushi until the edge of the Nori is positioned under the Sushi.
  5. Shape the roll by pressing lightly with both hands.
  6. Remove the Bamboo Sushi Mat and slice Sushi Roll into six to eight pieces.



Sushi Rice

While it is hot, transfer the freshly made Japanese Steamed Rice to a large flat bowl. Sprinkle Sushi Vinegar over the rice and mix swiftly with a flat wooden spatula.

Please be careful that the rice does not become too sticky. Cool the rice down to room temperature. To prevent the rice from drying out during cool down, cover the bowl with a damp towel.