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The Yamamotoyama story starts in Japan, 333 years ago when the Yamamoto family created the first-ever cup of Sencha green tea. It is in our heritage to keep looking forward, continuing to make Japan's leading green teas, sourcing from premier growers, and bringing varieties to those who value high-quality blends. Similar to the beans of a coffee blend, or the grapes of a fine wine, the location and environment in which green tea leaves are grown greatly impacts the taste of a final tea blend.

Yamamotoyama invites you to savor the artistry and diversity of green tea with this Imported from Japan collection. Each blend is of the Sencha variety and has been hand-selected from various regions of Japan to bring you a unique flavor experience. Read below to learn the unique story of each growing region and how it became a tea mecca in Japan. Each of these teas, with its variety of flavor profiles, pairs well with different foods. Explore the variety and embrace the new flavors as you try Sencha and Gyokuro like you never have before.


Farmers looking to expand beyond the established tea center of Shizuoka brought their cultivation secrets to Chiran, in the Kagoshima region of the southern island of Kyushu. Yamamotoyama blends only spring's finest first flush Yabukita and Yutakamidori varietals to create a deep emerald green full-bodied tea.

Flavor Description A bright aroma, with balanced sweetness and mellow astringency, perfect for a relaxing break from work or study.

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In Yame region of Fukoka, the mountainous peaks and valleys lend to an ideal balance of rain and temperature gradation for this finest of teas.

Flavor Description A slightly-astringent, mellow tea recommended for mid-afternoon snack time.

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Ujicha is loved as a classic sencha that is always contemporary. Our Ujicha features rare leaves from Asamiya, representing Yamamotoyama's commitment to exceptional quality.

Flavor Description A tea with full bodied sweetness, can be enjoyed hot or cold.

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Locals attribute their health and longevity to the tea gardens of Kakegawa in the hills of Shizuoka. Yamamotoyama blends award-winning leaves from Higashiyama into this fukamushi deep-steamed tea, known for its beautiful green color and rich flavor.

Flavor Description A deep steamed tea that has an especially gentle throat feel recommended as a tea for dinner time.

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Yamamotoyama's Kahei Yamamoto VI invented gyokuro in 1835. Gyokuro bridged the styles of sencha and matcha, using a shaded growing period with steamed leaves to create an ultra-premium tea high in vitamins, nutrients, and minerals. Gyokuro exemplifies Yamamotoyama's tradition for leveraging experience with innovation.

Flavor Description A tea with refined sweetness and mellow mouthfeel recommended for your special guests.

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Looking for something different?


Hojicha has the unique robust flavor of gently roasted premium green tea leaves. Containing less caffeine than traditional green tea, Hojicha can be enjoyed with dinner or in the evening.

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Genmaicha has a rich history in Japan as a comforting tea to enjoy with family and friends. Roasted rice is added to a blend of steamed fresh green tea leaves, resulting in a distinct toasty flavor.

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