Thanksgiving Leftovers Temaki

Thanksgiving Leftovers Temaki


- sweet potatoes (or regular potatoes, rice, stuffing…you get the idea!)
- sautéed spinach (or other veggies)
- dried cranberries (or cranberry sauce)
- turkey, shredded
- Yamamotoyama’s Kiku Ariake nori, cut in half, parallel to lines on the sheet
- gravy or cut herbs, to serve


  1. To assemble the temaki, lay a piece of nori horizontally on a work surface, rough side up. Scoop out 3 Tbsp of the potatoes and place it on the left half of the rectangle. Spread the potatoes out so that it lays in a square. Top the potatoes with spinach, cranberries and strips of turkey. Take the bottom edge of the rectangle and fold it over the ingredients. Continue rolling to form a cone. Seal the cone with a dab of water.
  2. To serve, drizzle some gravy or a sprinkling of cut herbs atop the temaki. Enjoy!

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