Gyokuro Green Pyramid Tea Bag

Gyokuro, which many consider the finest green tea on the planet, is produced exclusively in the famed tea gardens of Uji near Kyoto.  Gyokuro, “pearl dew”or “precious dewdrop”green tea, has a light green color and mellow sweet taste.  To fully savor this precious tea, take a small sip and allow the Gyokuro to linger on your palate to sense its aroma and sweetness.

10 Teabags    Net Weight 0.18oz.(23g) 

Ingredients:Premium Japanese Gyokuro Green Tea Leaf.
Brewing Instruction: 
Steep 5-7 minutes or to desired taste at 104-122°F(40-50℃).  One tea bag makes 4 ounces.

Nutrition Facts

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