SoyWapper Individual Package

Create imaginative sushi, sandwich wraps, appetizers and desserts! Our wrappers are made from natural ingredients, with no saturated fat, trans fat or cholesterol and are very low in carbohydrates and sodium.  Enjoy our individual package of Sesame, Original, Turmeric Yellow, Spinach Green and Paprika Orange sheets.

Sesame 20 Full Sheets 3.5oz. (100g)
Paprika Orange, Spinach Green, Original, Turmeric Yellow, Pink 20 Full Sheets 2.8oz. (80g)    

Non-GMO Soybean protein, Non-GMO soy flour, vegitable glycerin, organic soybean oil, water, organic rice syrup, non-GMO sesame seeds, spinach extract color (polusorbate 80, spinach extract, sunflower oil, glycerol, ascorbyl palmitate, DL alpha tocopherol); paprika extract color (glycerol, paprika, deionized water, sucrose esters, mono & diglycerides of fatty acids, ascorbyl palmitate, dl alpha tocopherol); turmeric extract color (propylene glycol, curcumin).
Nutrition Facts (Sesame)
Nutrition Facts (Other flavors)

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