Genmaicha Lattes

It’s most common to see tea lattes made with a strong black tea or matcha, but a Genmaicha Latte is a whole new experience–mild, sweet and savory.

Genmaicha Lattes

This is a nice drink for enjoying in the evenings or when you don’t want a caffeine overload. The strong tea base is made from steeping a generous amount of popcorn tea leaves for a longer than usual period of time.

Genmaicha Lattes

I prefer to sweeten this latte with brown rice syrup, which highlights those toasty rice flavors in the drink. The malty taste of brown sugar or a mild flavored honey also work well.

Dusting the tops of the latte with some powdered Genmaicha is a tasty way to finish off this pick-me-up. The latte itself doesn’t have a lot of color, so serving it up in a brilliant teacup makes for a pretty presentation.


Genmaicha Lattes

Makes 2 lattes.



- 1 Tbsp of Yamamotoyama's Loose Leaf Genmaicha, steeped in 1 cup of boiling water for 1 minute

- 1 cup of almond, coconut or regular milk

- 1/4 cup of brown rice syrup or brown sugar, or to taste

- 1 packed of Yamamotoyama's Organic Matcha Genmai Iced Team for sprinkling on top


1. Mix the sweetener in with the hot, strained tea.

2. Fill each teacup half full with tea. Froth the milk and use it to top the tea cups to full capacity.

3. Sift some powdered Genmaicha atop the lattes and serve immediately.



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