Brazilian Shincha

Many people know of our Japanese Shincha in the springtime, but at Yamamotoyama we are fortunate to have limited edition Fall Shincha from our tea gardens in Brazil. Shin means “new”, and Cha means “tea”. Shincha is tea made from the first flush of leaves.

First Flush

The first flush is the first round harvest of the tea season. These freshly picked tea leaves yield the highest quality Japanese green tea.

Every year is slightly different in taste and aroma. Just like different vintages of wine, each harvest of Shincha has a special nuance to its flavor. Tea leaves grown in this region are characterized by its smoothness, yet it’s very strong.

Limited Harvest

These shincha leaves were harvested at the beginning of Fall 2021. They were steamed to maintain their high nutrient content. There is only a limited supply of these first harvested leaves, so once they are gone, that’s it for the season.

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